Renitta Shannon

"It is wrong for corporations to grow at the expense of workers being made to live in poverty. Working people are the majority in this country and it’s long past time that economic policies reflect our priorities." -State Representative Renitta Shannon

Criminal Justice.jpg

“In Georgia, like many states, there is one system of justice if you are white and wealthy and a more punitive system if you are black/brown or poor. I will work to change our criminal justice system to put an end the systemic racial and economic bias built into many of the policies that govern us today.” - State Representative Renitta Shannon


"Women are fully capable on their own to decide whether or not to, when to, or how they want to give birth. I speak publicly about my own reproductive choices including my abortion story, because I know that fighting to ensure access to the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare is an issue of equality and justice." -State Representative Renitta Shannon