Renitta_17Renitta was raised in Florida, by two very hard working and often times minimum wage earning parents. Her father began attending community college to better the family’s economic situation, but as the cost of living rose he eventually had to quit college to work more. He struggled to find full time work because many employers only wanted to hire part time workers so that they could avoid paying full time benefits. He supported his wife and two children, by combining two part-time minimum wage jobs to make one full time wage. This taught Renitta the importance of having access to economic opportunity and jobs that work for employees as well as employers.

thumb_11073273_10205714811743850_6030181940703503945_n_1024Renitta’s parents decided to put her in daycare so that her mother could enter the workforce, but that did not last long because after only two months in daycare Renitta came home with large unexplainable bruises on her face. As a result of not being able to find affordable quality childcare her mother had to leave the workforce, and become a stay at home mom leaving her father as the sole income earner. When Renitta and her sister were old enough to attend grade school, her mother entered the workforce, got student loans and attended college. She received her CNA, LPN and eventually her RN license. Watching her mother graduate nursing school while working and continuing to be the primary caretaker of two children showed Renitta the value of potential meeting opportunity.

thumb_1491528_10202211249517106_672706461_o_1024Having had two excellent examples of hard work and determination for parents, Renitta knew that she and her sister had to find a way to succeed no matter the obstacles. Renitta worked as a server, earned scholarships, took out student loans, and with the help of her parents graduated from the University of Florida. Her sister got a master’s degree and graduated valedictorian of her LPN nursing class. Since college Renitta has excelled in business development for several industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies. She has also been a consistent community activist. She is an active member of 9 to 5 Working Women Atlanta, the Executive VP for the Georgia State Chapter of the National Organization for Women, an active member in the Fight for $15 campaign and active in intertwined movements for racial, gender and economic justice.

Georgians have survived some of the toughest economic times in recent history. The sacrifices and hard work of families like yours and mine have helped our community get by. It is no longer enough for us to simply get by it is time for our economy, communities and families to thrive. Georgians deserve the right to provide for themselves and family members, and that is why I am running for Georgia State Representative, District 84.